its like someone poured coffee down my ass-crack for centuries

squeaky clean

He’s the kind of guy that makes you think he must have a very clean arse…shiny and pink

I’ve got some gmail invites if anyone wants one…

My fringe show, June Madness, has inspired 15 separate polynesian cargo cults. Next year’s show is my attempt to meet all 15 while wearing an onion in my hat…i’m a quirky dude

my fringe show, Late Night Ball Shop, has been a rousing success. The public just adore my testicles, and the testicles of my fellow performers

My fringe show, real crimes in real time, ended after an anonymous tip-off to the police led to my arrest for the numerous thefts i was committing live on stage, every night

My Fringe show, Shakespeare…ON ACID 

While planned to be on for all 27 days of the fringe, on the third day of taking acid and performing shakespeare all members of the cast ascended to the next plane of existence

the gripping drama

Man has once again conquered nature

spider update: it crawled back into view and was caught and thrown out the window

there’s quite a large spider somewhere in the room…what a fun situation i find myself in

Lagush, lagush, the locals have this fruit they call lagush. It’s a bright yellow with small swirls of green if picked a little early. About the size of a mango, approximating the shape of a pear, the lagush tastes…and I mean, it really does…it tastes you first. the centre of the fruit isn’t a stone or a pit, it’s a brain

A homeless man regales you with a tale that leaves you with such a crushing sense of despair that you become homeless through the sheer inertia of the story. However because you’re young and sexy, a tv crew makes a documentary about you, and a wealthy widow(er) marries you to take you away from that life

One woman’s story, about her year as an undercover assassin for the CIA, and the many crazy characters she met along the way!

A double act of two psychedelic wanderers, exploring the astral plane

the audience is a wave of attention, a bubble of awareness, unheeded by our two travellers, unneeded by anyone

good luck fighting against my epic macros…alt-f5-kill

Let nothing become you. Let yourself become nothing. Let nothing be nothing. Chimboko.

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