My parents separated when I was only a baby but nonetheless, they both still say it was because of me

I love grimelords’ joke, I thought of a little appendix:

Anarchism is about two things, number one, freedom from oppression from capitalism and the state and number two, the erotic pleasure of farmyard animals

I used to be able to use google to find my old posts but it’s stopped working, I have to recreate them using my immense mental powers

just thinking about surfing away from this dead-end planet….go pick up space babes with the power cosmic

just thinking about surfing away from this dead-end planet….go pick up space babes with the power cosmic

My name is Uatu, the watcher, and I never interfere except for the dozens of times that I do

"hey pal, have you got the time?"


not exclusively using those red nipple things old laptops have

that would get me too horny to function

fuck the trackpad man, i want my mouse back

it’s not pants weather that’s for sure

it’s the kind of computer that, late at night, you have sex with

the guy in iceland was talking the whole time, i told him I already had a bag, and put the tesco one on the counter he called it a manky bag like three times and put it inside an iceland one, and then he shook my hand,

I mean I did sort of say that I didn’t want another bag, it’s not like I was saying I didn’t deserve one and he took pity on me, he forced a bag on me. I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say that he raped me

there’s two things I hate and it’s x and something else that puts this whole sentence into question

a tale of two shops

at tesco buying a drink, i paid and took my stuff, said thank you, woman didn’t say anything at all.

at iceland I bought some eggs, the guy thanked me, asked me how I was doing and then shook hands with me as I was leaving.

so, the most and least contact during purchases happened on the same trip

wait, Brad and Angelina were living in sin ALL THIS TIME???

I buy class A drugs and class A eggs

Let nothing become you. Let yourself become nothing. Let nothing be nothing. Chimboko.

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