I feel like in Mad Men when Ted Chaw hears that his employee is voting for Nixon.

"Don’t you have any hope?" I feel this way about everyone I know

Yet more proof that voting doesn’t work

wot4¬†replied to your¬†post:I had a dream there was a no vote, and I started…

What was the ratio of votes in the end do you know?


I had a dream there was a no vote, and I started attacking no voters in the street.

and the thing is, the first part has come true

God she would vote no fucks sake

Grow up you fucking man child

I hate David Rees passionately he’s such a fucking dolt and yet I am watching his awful show

the Humble Space Telescope

Voted yes, however not the most democratic thing I’ve done this week, which was attending the housing cooperatives general meeting and being a part of the development working group

time to vote for King Salmond

total effing see. he’s a total effing see. total effing see, man. total effing see.

The UK is like a big party, but it’s kind of a shiter, so all we’re saying is, why don’t we, the cool people, all leave and go back to someone else’s, start our own party without those FUCKERS DOWN THERE IN ENGLAND THOSE IDIOT FUCKERS






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Let nothing become you. Let yourself become nothing. Let nothing be nothing. Chimboko.

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