the phrase that defines the 2010s.

We westerners have much to learn from the indigenous peoples of our nations, who make their own content using psychoactive plants

I hunger for content

thats why i’m here

it’s why they’re all here, watching but not interacting

Ten twenty forty eighty NINE MILLION

one of my favorite games during the quickening

i didn’t get pleasure from it, it was just something that had to be done. probably because i was in a psychic loop

Needless to say, I will be watching the next season of Fargo, because I want to continue to be able to think how much better I am than the writer of a critically acclaimed series

come to this blog for the most interesting subjects possible

1. A man describing his dreams

2. A man telling you about times he took drugs

3. long hate-filled screeds about a tv show you don’t watch

The last time I took the seeds, the powerful time, the Real Time, at the height of the trip, I was playing a very important game, to decide the fate of the universe

guessing the time on my watch and then looking at it. 

I’m thinking about what the hawaiian baby woodrose seeds taught me. That life is a cosmic dance of no significance? No, I already knew that.

They taught me that taking drugs at night while essentially trapped in your room is not a recipe for a good time

"What are you looking for, in these psychedelic experiences?"

I’m looking for power. Ultimate Power



"Every drug has a lesson that you’re supposed to take from it, to apply in your sober life." 

I think I’ve nearly got the MD one. I came pretty close last time.

I think this maxim is easier with pure psychedelics, because they’re constant realisation.

Yeah I think so too, ‘cause I was sitting here wondering what I was supposed to learn from alcohol, whose predominant message seems to be “Fight fucking everybody.”

Well here’s one method to get to the lesson, compare the drunk you with the sober one, and try to see if there’s any attributes you prefer in the drunk one, and then the lesson is to try to be more like that when sober.

For most people it’s probably confidence, or being more easy-going. Something like that.

Personally I think I’ve gotten all I can from alcohol. At least for now.

there’s only two things i get serious about, and that’s fitness and drugs

Working out and working in

"Every drug has a lesson that you’re supposed to take from it, to apply in your sober life." 

I think I’ve nearly got the MD one. I came pretty close last time. I think it’s to be more interested in other people, to actually care how they feel. I think that has to be the biggest difference between me and that guy that goes up to girls in clubs and gets phone numbers. I went up to that girl not because I wanted to have sex with her or anything, I just wanted to know what she would say if I talked to her.

It was that burning interest that overpowered any thought of the possibility that the answer wouldn’t be interesting. It was interesting. I don’t remember what she said, but that’s not important. 

The last time I was on MDMA, for a brief period of time I was sequestered with two people that I really couldn’t give less of a shit about when sober.

But buddy, love finds a way so I told them my idea for my next stand-up set and they enjoyed the hell out of it. We all did. Now how can I attain that power without being on drugs?

I have two passions in my life. Collecting rare books and smoking crack cocaine

Let nothing become you. Let yourself become nothing. Let nothing be nothing. Chimboko.

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